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Contact Information

You can contact us using any of the methods below.

Postal Address

Flameport Enterprises Ltd
26 Recreation Road
BH12 2EB

Please note this address is an office only. Products are not kept there, and orders cannot be collected in person.

Email & Telephone

Email Address: customerservices@chaffinch.com
Telephone 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday: 01202 798585 (From outside the UK, use +44 1202 798585)

If you have a complaint, we will respond within 2 working days. We aim to resolve all complaints within 7 working days.

Other Details

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VAT Registration Number GB 909 8339 86

Company registration number 05175498, date of incorporation 9 July 2004.

Chaffinch.com has been online since February 1999. More history ...

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