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Product information sheets

These documents can be viewed on screen, or downloaded and printed out for future reference.
They are in Adobe Reader format (PDF).

Product Instruction Leaflets

Dylon Machine Dye
Dylon Hand Dye
Dylon Pre-Dye
Dylon Fabric Paint
Dylon 3D Dimensional Paint
Dylon Image Maker
Dylon Fabric Pens

Dylon Education Projects

A selection of Dylon leaflets with various craft projects. Originally intended for primary school and secondary school use, but can be completed by anyone.
Some of these leaflets refer to Dylon Shade Creator which is no longer available, however white fabric paint can be used instead.

Create window decorations using 3D Paints
Block Printing with Dylon Fabric Paints
Basic colour mixing
Design and Painting with fabric paint and pens
Photo Labels using Dylon Image Maker
Salt Diffusion using Dylon Fabric Paint
Stencilling with Dylon Fabric Paints
3D Painting
Fabric Painting with Dylon Fabric Paint
Decorating Fabric with Pens
Transferring Images onto Fabric

Dye and Colour Information

Colour Mixing
Spilled bleach on clothing?