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How to Shop

First, browse through the categories by clicking the links at the top of the page. Some categories just contain a list of items, while other categories contain items and a selection of subcategories.
To view more details about a particular item, just click the item code or the small picture.
To add an item to your shopping list, click the Add link next to the item in the list, or click the Add link displayed on an item detail page.

You can view your shopping list at any time by clicking the Shopping Basket link. This page also allows you to change the quantity of an item, or remove an item completely.

To purchase the items on your shopping list, click the Checkout link. This will then connect to our secure site, where shipping and payment details can be entered.

Delivery / shipping costs

Delivery costs are dependant on the weight of the items purchased. To obtain a price, simply add the items to your shopping basket - delivery / shipping details are displayed on the shopping basket page.

Prices are displayed for three regions - UK, mainland Europe, everywhere else.

Pictures on product pages

All product detail pages include pictures of the product. Moving your mouse over the image will activate the zoom function so you can examine the picture in more detail.
Clicking a small 'thumbnail' image below the main picture will change to an alternative view of the product.
Clicking on the product picture will display that image in full screen, and for most images this can also be zoomed in further by moving the mouse over the image. (Extended zoom is dependant on screen size). Click anywhere to close.

Where a product consists of several items (e.g. a pack of 4 hand dyes), the first picture will show the pack contents. Additional pictures may show only one item from the pack so that details can be seen more easily.

Stock Levels

In stock Out of stock Ordered on request

Items displayed as In Stock can be ordered now and will usually be despatched within 48 hours.

Items which are temporarily out of stock can still be ordered, and they will be despatched as soon as they are available. (usually only a few days).
Where items are out of stock and it is expected that they will be unavailable for some time, they cannot be ordered, although product information may still be displayed for reference purposes.

Products with the 'To Order' logo are part of an extended range which is not held in stock, but are available on request. Orders for these products can take up to 14 days, although often are despatched sooner.

Stock levels are updated every few minutes.

Sale and New items

Sale New!

SALE items are those where the price has been reduced from our previous selling price. The previous price was applicable on this website for a period of at least 30 consecutive days within the last six months.

Products highlighted with NEW are those which have been added to the website in the last 30 days.

Sale and New cannot apply at the same time. We do not have 'introductory prices' as this type of pricing is vague and generally misleading.

Browser Compatibility

This website is fully compatible with most modern web browsers. There may be display problems with IE6, however that browser is grossly outdated (launched in 2001), contains a vast array of security problems and doesn't support standards properly (or at all).

Text Size

If the text is too small or too large, you can adjust this using your web browser. Typically this is achieved by clicking on the 'View' menu and selecting 'Text Size', holding the CTRL key and rolling the mouse wheel button, or pressing keys such as CTRL+ and CTRL- .

Spam / Unsolicited Email / Viruses in Emails

If you register at this website, we will send you an email containing a password for future use. If you place an order, an email will be sent confirming this, and another email will be sent when your order is despatched.

We do have a newsletter containing updates on new products and promotions, however you can only receive this once you have signed in using the password previously emailed to you. This prevents other people adding your details to our mailing list.
You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have received an email containing a virus which apparently was from us, please remember that viruses create emails with forged headers and fake return email addresses. Please ensure you have antivirus software installed and that it is kept up to date.
All emails we send are in plain text only - we do NOT send emails with viruses or binary attachments of any kind.

Site Themes

The appearance of the website changes according to the season. There are 4 themes, each having 2 different backgrounds, so a total of 8 variations. Each theme is displayed for 3 months; the background is changed twice per month.

Backgrounds are only visible on larger screens, and may not appear on some mobile devices.

Why are some shipping costs so high?

If you select heavy items for shipping outside the UK, shipping costs may be very expensive. The simple reason for this is that heavy items are expensive to deliver outside of the UK. There is nothing we can do about this - the shipping costs displayed do represent the actual costs of sending your order.

I cannot register, because my country is not in the list

We do not ship items to all countries for various reasons. Many countries have extensive import restrictions, some countries do not have reliable mail delivery services and others have a high rate of fraud. If your country is not listed on the Shipping page, we do not currently send orders there.

Also note that you cannot register in one country and then add a shipping address for a different country.

What shopping system does this site use?

The website is powered by ChicaneryServer which is a high performance and lightweight session management engine developed entirely by Flameport Enterprises. It is used for all Flameport Enterprises websites. Development of this system started many years ago in the previous century, when alternatives available from other vendors were a combination of too expensive, insecure, or required 9000 gigs of RAM just to answer a simple question.

Today, low cost and even free shopping cart systems are available. However, most of them are written in PHP - a programming language which we neither use or care about.

Linking to this site

You are welcome to link to this website, but please only link to http://www.chaffinch.com/
Linking to other pages may result in errors if pages are moved or renamed in the future.