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Privacy Policy

1. We never sell or distribute your personal information to anyone else. This includes your email address.

2. We record details of your name, address, email address and the items which you have ordered. This information will only be used to fulfill your order. We do NOT receive or store details of your credit/debit card.

3. We do have an email newsletter which you can subscribe to. You can only subscribe after signing in to your account using a password we have emailed to you. This prevents other people from subscribing using your email address.
You may cancel your subscription at any time.

4. We will send emails to you regarding your order. An email will be sent after you have placed your order. We will also notify you when your order has been despatched, and if there are any queries or problems with your order.

5. You can view and update information we hold about you by signing in to your account. Alternatively, you can write to us at the address shown on the contact page.

6. If you have any queries about privacy issues, please email or write to us at the address shown on the contact page.

7. This website uses SSL encryption whenever personal information is involved. We do not store details of your credit card - in fact, we never even receive details of your card number - we only receive confirmation of your payment from our payment processor.
This website supports up to 256 bit SSL encryption. If your browser software cannot support this, 128, 56 or 40 bit encryption will be used instead.

8. Our internal systems store and process your personal information in a secure format.


This website, like most others, uses cookies for various functions. A cookie is a small piece of text which is stored on your computer by a website, which can then be later retrieved by that same website. They do not contain any personal information.

For example, we use a cookie to identify your personal shopping basket.
The cookie is named CHID and contains the information 1411773471093544708O145468768O2.

The table below describes the cookies used on this website.

Name   Description
CHID   Identifies a particular user session, including the contents of your shopping basket
and whether you are signed in or not.
If disabled, the website will still work, but some features will be unavailable.
  These are set by Google Analytics, a system which provides us
with statistical information on how visitors find and use our website.
These statistics do not contain any personal information.
Further details are available at
PayPal   Online payments for items purchased at www.chaffinch.com are
processed by PayPal. When you visit the PayPal website to pay, cookies will
be used as part of that payment process.
We don't have any control over those, however you can find out more at

Cookies tracking across multiple websites

While cookies do not contain any personal details, in some situations they can be used to track your behaviour across several different websites.

Example: You look at a website about washing machines. Later on, you notice that other websites have advertising on them for washing machines. This has occurred because all of the websites use the same advertising system, and the adverts have been changed to show you items which are likely to be relevant to you.

This is still anonymous, because the advertiser doesn't have any of your personal information. They only know that the computer or device you are using was recently used to view a washing machine website.

However, www.chaffinch.com does not use cookies in this way, and never has.

Disabling Cookies

You can easily disable cookies by altering the settings for the browser you are using. A browser is a program you use to view websites. Examples include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

You can disable cookies for certain websites only, such as those operated by advertisers who use cookies to display adverts which are relevant to you.

You can alternatively disable cookies completely, but if you do this you will find that most websites will have missing features or will not work at all.