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This website uses industry standard SSL encryption whenever personal information is involved. This is usually indicated by a small padlock or key icon in your web browser software.

Our website supports secure encrypted connections with all modern browsers. Note that Internet Explorer 6 is NOT supported any more. If you are still using this grossly outdated and insecure software, you will not be able to use this website.

Encryption is used when you log in with your email address and password, and any time that your personal information is entered, displayed or amended. All such operations are conducted at enigma.flameport.com

All credit card details are securely encrypted. We do NOT store details of your credit card - we never even have access to the number.

There is no way anyone can steal your credit card details from our website, because we never have access to that information.

Our websites and other management applications use data encryption to protect your personal information. Our business applications currently operate on computer equipment located in a secure facility in central London. All traffic between that equipment and our office in Dorset is encrypted.

All documents which we receive (such as letters you may have sent with your payment) are sliced and cross cut before being disposed of. This ensures that no personal information can be obtained from searching through our rubbish.